Hebron Electricity participates in a training workshop to protect energy revenues in Palestine

Most of Hebron's electricity engineers participated in a training workshop at the Grand Park Hotel in Ramallah under the title "Protection of Energy Revenues in Palestine" organized by the Palestinian Energy Project implemented by the International Development Agency (Icom), funded by the United States Agency for International Development. The workshop was attended by Eng. Amjad Zahida, Engineer Ayman Hassouna of Hebron Electricity, and representatives of the Energy Authority, North Electricity Distribution Company and the Jerusalem Electricity Company. The workshop lasted three days. Starting from t Rech 24. 26.09.2017.

The representatives of Hebron Electricity provided a brief presentation on the "achievements of Hebron Electricity Technical in the protection of energy revenues and reduction of losses." The representatives of Hebron Electricity stressed the importance of this workshop because of the valuable information that led to the exchange of experiences among the participants. The workshop focused on protecting current and future revenues It is a key factor, addressing technical and non-technical electricity losses from an organizational perspective, courts and communicating with the law, developing a collective action approach to revenue protection. And many interventions that would serve the sector.

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