Hebron Electricity Completed the washing and maintenance of transformer stations and high pressure lines

On Friday, September 22, 2015, the Technical Department at Hebron Electricity Company washed high pressure lines and main switching stations in all areas within the Hebron electricity concession in preparation for receiving the winter.

For his part, Eng. Abdel Raouf El-Sheikh, Director General of Hebron Electricity, said that the washing of high-pressure lines, networks and main stations, which are carried out periodically each year in cooperation with the firefighter of Hebron Municipality, aims to remove the dust and dust that accumulate on these lines during the summer period. Sudden power failures or breakdowns.

Engineer Al-Shaikh explained that Hebron Electricity has equipped the technical and engineering teams working in the field around the clock with the requirements of public safety and providing the necessary tools for maintenance of networks and main stations so that these teams can perform their duties as required during the process of cleaning stations.

As confirmed by the mayor of Hebron a. This is part of the efforts of Hebron Municipality and Hebron Electricity to develop its services by working around the clock with its entire technical and engineering staff to improve the quality of electricity and upgrade its services in various areas of excellence, in order to ensure better service to the participants and raise the level of public safety in these areas. .

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